This Is What The So Called "Search Engine Experts" Are So Pissed Off About...

Controversial Free Recording Reveals Why The World's Most Respected Search Engine Marketing Expert QUIT ...And Why The So-Called Search Engine Experts Are Accidentally KILLING Your Business

Dear Friend,

Dan Thies, a legendary pioneer of Search Engine Optimization, just called it quits and shut his doors forever.

...But before he did, he held a closed-door "tell all" teleseminar where he blew the lid off of the biggest myths about Search Engine Marketing today.

And Every Word Was Backed Up With Documented PROOF

Dan covered stuff like ...

  • What Internet 2.0 really is ...and how you can profit from the hype and the reality.
  • How 3 of his students went "beyond SEO" to drive profits sky high
  • Why search engine marketing just isn't enough any more
  • How Traffic x Conversion x Community is more than multiplication
  • His biggest SEO secret - so obvious, you'll slap yourself when you see it

And then he went on to PROVE these secrets by revealing...

Top Secret Case Studies And Back-Stage Passes To Current Real World Businesses That Are Raking In Money!

He literally takes you behind the curtain and shows you real businesses that are using his strategies NOW ...and turning a profit.

The best part is,

This Is 100% FREE And There's No Catch!

Jut use the form below for instant access to both the unedited recordings (MP3), and the 36-page presentation (PDF) that goes with it.

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