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How To Prosper With The New Google

Google's November 2003 update caught a lot of folks by surprise, but is it really all that surprising? This report examines the reasons why Google had to change, the "topic-sensitive PageRank" system we believe is driving Google results now, and how to compete for greater relevance instead of higher rankings. Researched and written by Dan Thies, SEO Research Labs.

To download, right click on this link, and select "save as..." or "save target as..." to save the file to disk.

This report is in Acrobat (PDF) format, and is approximately 100K in size. It should take no more than 2-3 minutes to download over a dial-up connection. Acrobat Reader is required - if you don't have Adobe's Acrobat reader software, you can get it for free from:

Important Note: This report was released nearly two years ago. Since then, there hadn't been a truly major change at Google until late fall of 2005... We are now researching and working on an update for this report, which will be released in early January 2006.

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