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All digital attachments and links are delivered automatically upon receipt of a valid ipn.
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IPN = Instant Payment Notification.

Instant Payment Notification is a free service offered to us by PayPal that enables us to keep track of all our orders and completely automate our online delivery for any goods of a digital nature. It also enables us to protect ourselves from any fraudulent transactions. While you are reading this PayPal is already contacting our ipn software with your payment details. Our software will then validate this information by checking that the paid account is one registered on our database, the total transaction amount matches the price you paid, the payment status is completed and that the ipn came from PayPal. Once this data has been analyzed our software will then process your purchase accordingly and send you any relevant file attachments or download links that relate to your purchase. Items that are non-digital will of course be dealt with manually by our sales team and physically sent out to you asap, via the postal services.

Note: If you paid using an e-check or for other reasons the payment status is pending; your order will not be processed until the funds have cleared. In this case your order will be processed the minute we receive the 2nd ipn confirming the payment status has been completed. All orders of a fraudulent nature, payments not matching the transaction amount or if the paid account does not belong to us; will be logged for manual investigation by our security department.

All order related e-mail will be sent to the primary e-mail address registered on your PayPal account. The chances are, as of 99% of all our orders your payment has probably already been completed and validated by us. If this should be the case then any digital goods that you may have purchased will now be sitting in your inbox waiting for you to retrieve!


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