"Here's How You Can Get Full Access To Leslie Rohde Without Paying For It!"

Dear Friend,

I'm sure by now you've probably put two and two together and realized that I've joined StomperNet as a full time faculty member. (It was probably pretty easy to figure out since a few friends leaked the news to the entire Internet already...)

Here's What This Means To You

Basically, this means you'll get me as a full time SEO Coach ... FOR FREE.

Here's why:

About a month ago, Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon approached me and asked me if I'd consider joining StomperNet full time.

I was immediately receptive because I know them personally, know they have a great program ...and I know that people are getting results.

Also, I realized that you, me, or anyone else for that matter MUST have a lot more than just SEO skills if you want to make it for the long haul.

...And that's what attracted me to StomperNet in the first place.

The Fact That These Guys Are Wildy Successful ...And Their Clients Are Too!

See, it's one thing to get rankings. It's another thing to make some money ...but building a sustainable and insanely profitable business is an entirely different story!

...And the fact is, StomperNet helps people do just that.

(When I heard their claims, I was a little bit skeptical like anyone would be. But what helped me get past that was this video case study one of their clients submitted. Click here and it'll open up in a new window.

The first thing you'll notice as a member is the sheer volume of information. This is not the usual skimpy little membership site. You could literally spend days devouring real and useable content inside.

(I know because I have ...and I've grown my business as a result.)

Anyway - what really "hooked" me was the way they've lined up some of the top Internet marketers on the planet to share everything they know about making money.

It seems like the way StomperNet works is like this:

  1. They find the best marketing teachers in the world with the best track records in history.
  2. They relentlessly persue them and practicaly MAKE them join StomperNet as full time faculty.
  3. These teachers share everything they know with StomperNet members.
  4. The members make more money as a result.

They've recruited guys like Dan Thies (PPC Guru and Keyword researcher extraordinaire), Frank Kern (who brings in over a million dollars a year just selling Clickbank products through Adwords), and those are just the folks I'm allowed to talk about.

There are others.

...But I can tell you for a fact that Stompernet pays close to $200,000.00 a MONTH to have the best of the best teaching and supporting their members.

(And by the way ...Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins are no slouches themselves. They dominate the search engines and have built HUGE businesses of their own. Their combined sales are over $1,000,000 a month!)

Anyway - what I'm getting at is this:

They spend a fortune on recruiting the best ...

So You Can Get The Inside Info For Free

And here's what I mean when I say, "get it free".

See, when StomperNet launched, there was no mention of them providing continued (and unprecedented) access to the best marketing teachers on the planet.

When all those customers stormed the site on the day it opened, they were there to get access to Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins.

Nobody had a clue these other experts would be involved. (It sold out in less than a day, by the way.)

In fact, I think the decision to recruit the best in the world was an afterthought! (But don't quote me on that.)

Anyway - when they approached me with an offer to join them as a full time teacher, I thought they wanted me to lead an advanced class or something.

You know, maybe a "platinum level" where people paid a little extra and therefore received the extra content that I'd provide.

And when I asked them if that was the case, they said ...

Everyone Gets It For Free ...Forever!

And they also said there would never be any type of "platinum level" ...and that they would continue to add the world's best experts ...and give their members access to them at no extra charge.

So as a StomperNet member, you're basically getting access to me (and Dan Thies and other top guys) as an ADDED FREE BONUS.

...And I can tell you first hand that even without my involvement, membership is easily worth the investment.

Oh, and by the way ...just so you know,

I'm Charging Them An Arm And A Leg So You Can Get Access To Me!

Seriously. When I told them what it would cost, they nearly fainted. But hey ...I'm worth it and they know it. (Where do you think they learned so much of their SEO skills from in the first place?)

And I suppose by now you might be wondering ...

How Can I Get In? It's Been Closed Since The First Day!

Part of my "deal" with Brad and Andy was that I'd be allowed to let my freinds and subscribers get a crack at joining.

You should know these guys are really weird about letting new people in. (One reason why is the folks who joined in the beginning won't leave! That's a good sign, by the way...)

Anyway - they agreed. So I'll be sending you information very soon about how you can get a "back stage pass".

Please know that there isn't going to be a big public "re-launch" or whatever. The only way someone can get in is if they're invited by faculty ...and there are NO exeptions.

I'll have more details for you in a few days.


Click here To View the Case Study Video

P.S. Obviously, I think it's a good investment of your time and money to join StomperNet — that's the reason I'm so involved.

With that said, you should know that I'M NOT A SALESMAN and I'm not interested in trying to convince you of anything.

If you want to see what StomperNet is all about, I suggest you have a look at these case study videos. They're what really got me interested in the beginning.

If you have questions or anyting, let me know.

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