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Precise Targeting of Reciprocal Links & Directory Listings

The SEO Research Labs Difference: Precise Targeting, Rapid Results
Once you've targeted the right keywords and optimized your website, the real work has only just begun. Without an effective link-building campaign, your beautifully optimized website may still be buried deep in the search results, behind better-established competitors. For many webmasters, this is a frustrating experience.

SEO Research Labs makes it easy for you, by developing a comprehensive list of topic-specific websites that already link to sites like yours. Some of these websites will link to you directly, others will require a reciprocal link in return. Either way, we make it easy for you by providing full contact information and a suggested link placement for every site.

Our On-Target Directory Listings™ service provides a list of matching categories for your submissions to popular directories including GoGuides, Looksmart/Zeal, the Open Directory, and Yahoo.

Reciprocal Link & Directory Targeting Package - $149.95

Why deal with the frustration of an untargeted link building campaign, when you can get faster results without all the headaches? SEO Research Labs will provide you with a detailed listing of related websites that are ready and willing to trade links with sites like yours. This package is priced at just $149.95, and includes:

  • Link Targeting Report
    Your link targeting report includes a minimum of 20 websites that are already welcoming reciprocal links or providing free directory listings. We search for quality sites, and provide all available contact information to you so that you can establish profitable linking relationships. It will be up to you to contact these websites.
    We can not guarantee response rates but will guarantee that these are useful resources related to your website. We will make sure that these websites are well designed, without excessive pop-up ads, and that they are not visbily participating in any links program that does not meet established search engine guidelines.

  • Directory Listing Report
    Your directory listing report will tell you exactly which category your site should be listed in for all of the applicable major directories, including GoGuides, Looksmart/Zeal, the Open Directory, and Yahoo. We will provide the appropriate submission page address for each directory. It is up to you to submit your site, and we can not guarantee that your site will be accepted by the editors.

  • Outgoing Links Table
    Your linking campaign will be most effective if you first establish links to these other sites. To make this as easy as possible for you, we'll provide "copy and paste" HTML code that you can edit as needed and insert into any page on your site. The outgoing links will use the title from the other site's home page, and the table layout includes space to add a description if one is requested by the other site.


With this report, you'll be able to rapidly acquire high-quality incoming links that will boost your site's traffic and search engine rankings. It's up to you to establish these links, and decide which sites you wish to link to.
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