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Useful Websites

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  • If you would like to suggest a resource, please by email and we'll be happy to consider it. Resources do not need to be free, but we will need full access to evaluate them.

    Online Data Sources

    • Google Keyword Sandbox
      Google provides a free keyword research tool in support of their Adwords pay-per-click program. Not necessarily the most information-rich resource, but it's free.
    • Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool
      Overture's counts may be skewed by bid management software, rank checking, and dubious partnerships, but if you'reinterested in paid listings, this will give you an accurate picture of the Overture inventory. Also comes in handy for brainstorming keywords, with functionality similar to Wordtracker's comprehensive search.
    • Wordtracker
      The original kings of keyword research, because they were the first to put together a comprehensive database of actual searches. Subscription-based service, with a free trial available. Don't be fooled by how limited the free trial is, read the Wordtracker manual to see what a paid subscription will get you.
    • Keyword Discovery
      The new kings of keyword research, with a giant database. KD offers seasonal data (so you can find out what people searched for last year), search queries from eBay, and a new "premium" database (part of the subscription price) with 600 million search queries drawn from web browsers. Subscription-based service, with a free trial available. Free trial offers more data and tools than Wordtracker's.

    Information Resources

    • High Rankings Keyword Research Forum
      A couple other forums (such as Webmaster World) have established forums for keyword discussions, but the most active is the High Rankings forum, moderated by SEO Research Labs president Dan Thies. You'll find plenty of other great SEO talk on this dynamic forum led by Jill Whalen, Scottie Claiborne and Alan Perkins.
    • - the internet search toolbox. A very large and well edited collection of resources for searchers and search engine marketers alike.
    • Best Practices SEO Forum
      A very newbie-friendly forum, Doug Heil's "Best Practices" is a great place for beginners and veterans alike to ask questions, learn the latest in ethical SEO techniques, and discuss trends in the industry.

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