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Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Class

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* The unique video and conference call format allows students to begin the course at any time.

For amateurs who are ready to become advanced SEO experts, we offer an 8-week training program in advanced search engine optimization skills & techniques, with an optional seventh week covering pay-per-click campaign management.

This course is led by Dan Thies, author of SEO Fast Start and the SitePoint Search Engine Marketing Kit. You will benefit from the knowledge of one of the industry's leading professionals, whether you're just working on your own websites or preparing for a full-time career in the search engine marketing business.

No travel is required, thanks to our online training format. Students watch the recorded class sessions (video files compatible with Mac & Windows), then attend weekly Q&A sessions via a group conference call.

Who Should Take This Class?

This class is best suited for site designers, in-house search engine marketing specialists, and entrepreneurs who want to make the most of the opportunity search engines offer. Our online classes include live web presentations, conference calls, and private support forums for all students. Upon completion, all students will receive a certificate and a complete set of recorded presentations from the course.

Our training programs are currently under review by SeoPros, the Organization of Search Engine Optimization Professionals, for inclusion in their upcoming professional certification program. Stay tuned for more information by checking the SEOPros website, or join our mailing list using the form at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions about this course, and whether it's right for you, let's talk about it! Email Dan Thies at or give us a call 214-550-1359.

What's Included:

  • 7 Video Course Modules (download, compatible with Apple QuickTime or Windows Media Player)
  • 8 Weeks Access to Q&A Conference Calls (1 hour per week for 8 weeks, call-in numbers change weekly)
  • 1 Year Membership to Private Access Website (including full catalog of video course modules)**
  • 1 Year Access to Dan's monthly "Search Engine Strategy Briefing" (MP3 audio, pre-recorded)***
  • 1 Keyword Research Report for the web site of your choice
** Yes, this includes all of the videos from our "SEM Business Builder" program. No fooling.
*** Yes, there is a live briefing, but we can only invite a few folks to it each month.

What's Covered In The Course

Our advanced SEO training program includes the following seven weekly sessions, along with 8 hours of weekly Q&A conference calls:

  • Search Engine Myths & Reality
    Many common misconceptions exist in the SEO community, and some can be hazardous to your rankings! This eye-opening session reveals the real inner workings of modern search engines. Topics include crawling, indexing, date-stamping content to improve crawlability, link analysis, content filtering methods, and ranking/retrieval process. After this session, you'll never look at keyword density (or search engines) the same way ever again. This session also covers common diagnostic/troubleshooting techniques and essential tools in detail.
  • SEO & SEM Process: The Six Pillars of Strategy
    In this session, we'll walk through the process of SEO and SEM step by step, with an emphasis on goal setting, planning, determining budgets, how to sell clients and other stakeholders on the process, budget, and expectations, and gaining buy-in at every stage. SEO is not a one-time event, successful SEO consultants know it's a process that must be repeated. For web professionals, this session will show you why your clients need long-term support, and how to sell the value of long-term contracts.
  • Keyword Strategy: The Six-Fold Way
    The experts in keyword research present: researching and targeting your clients best search terms (it's not always what they think), how to "prove your case" on keyword strategy, and how to identify the easy, medium, and hard search terms. You'll learn which keywords are most likely to convert to sales, which keywords you absolutely must include on your client's site, and how to develop an optimized entry page strategy for your SEO campaigns.
  • SEO On Site: Maximizing The Internal Profile with Content, Navigation, and Site Architecture
    Every website has an "internal profile" to search engines and users. In this session, you'll learn the secrets of optimizing content and presentation, implementing effective site search, content development, SEO copywriting, and how usability features provide hidden SEO benefits. Also, the truth about "leaking PageRank," dangling links, and more.
  • SEO Across the Web: Maximizing The External Profile with Links, Directories, Affiliate Programs and Public Relations
    Link building is one of the most mismanaged and misunderstood aspects of SEO, yet it's clearly one of the most important factors in a successful campaign. This session begins with a follow-up to last week's discussion of PageRank with some important facts about affiliate programs, link farms, directories, and "text ads." Next, we'll pull the lid off of paid and free directories, teach you to identify the winners and losers in the directory world, and show you how to save big money on directory submissions. We'll conclude with a talk about managing successful linking campaigns, including the 5 "make or break" challenges of building links.
  • Dynamic Site SEO & Web Server Issues: Content Management Systems, Shopping Carts & More
    Handling Sessions, Spider Control, Diagnosing Duplicate Content, Code Overload, Shopping Carts & Content Management Systems. Includes information on SEO issues with common server side scripting languages and web server platforms.
  • Bonus! 7th Week: Managing & Optimizing Pay-Per-Click Campaigns: The PPC Marketplace; PPC Management Process; Keyword Strategy; Targeting & Triggering; Local & Geographic Targeting; Improving Creatives & Click-Through Rates; Breaking Into Competitive Markets on Google Adwords; Qualifying & Motivating; Landing Pages & Landing Zones; Improving Conversion; Website Interaction & Full Contact Marketing; Campaign Management Tools; Measuring, Reporting, and Creating Feedback Loops.

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