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Grow Your SEO/SEM Business - 7 Week "Business Builder" Training Program

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* The unique video and conference call format allows students to begin the course at any time.

Are you your own worst enemy? The truth is simple: a lot of SEM consultants are great at helping clients, but lousy at getting and keeping them! If you spend too much time chasing leads... if you only land contracts with one out of ten prospects... if you continually have problems with managing client expectations... don't give up the game just yet, because help is on the way!

Most professional web consultants face these same problems. While every situation is different, the solutions are universal. In this fast-paced web and phone based training, you will tackle each problem in turn as we move through the entire client life cycle, exposing the best (and worst) practices in marketing, sales, consulting, and project management.

This course is led by Dan Thies, author of SEO Fast Start and the SitePoint Search Engine Marketing Kit. No travel is required, thanks to our online training format. Students watch the recorded class sessions (video files compatible with Mac & Windows), then attend weekly Q&A sessions via a group conference call.

Who Should Participate In This Program?

This program is intended for SEO/SEM consultants, site designers and developers, and other Internet consulting professionals. If you are serious about growing your business, we'll help you get there with this fast-paced training, emphasizing best practices in consulting, marketing, and sales.

What's Included:

  • 7 Video Course Modules (download, compatible with Apple QuickTime or Windows Media Player)
  • 8 Weeks Access to Q&A Conference Calls (1 hour per week for 8 weeks, call-in numbers change weekly)
  • 1 Year Membership to Private Access Website (including full catalog of video course modules)**
  • 1 Year Access to Dan's monthly "Search Engine Strategy Briefing" (MP3 audio, pre-recorded)***
  • 1 Keyword Research Report for the web site of your choice
** Yes, this includes all of the videos from our "Advanced SEO" program. No fooling.
*** Yes, there is a live briefing, but we can only invite a few folks to it each month.

What's Covered In The Course

Our business builder course includes the following seven weekly sessions, as well as 8 hours of weekly Q&A conference calls:

  • Making the Most of Your Opportunity: How to Generate the Right Leads & Get Them to Contact You; Finding the Right Prospects
  • Developing Your Information Strategy: Delivering the Message; Webinars, White Papers, and Free Reports; Relationship Marketing Strategies; Getting Clients & Prospects to Do Your Marketing
  • SEM From the Client�s Side: Understanding & Leveraging Key Business Issues; Why Process Matters; Creating Collaboration; Overcoming IT & Developer Obstacles
  • Whole Site Optimization: Why Traffic Isn�t Enough; Optimizing For Business Results; Becoming a Key Business Partner; Why the Greatest Risk of SEO is not Failure, it's Success; Moving Beyond Rankings
  • Consultative & Strategic Selling: Steps to a Successful Sale; Writing Winning Proposals; Managing & Balancing the Four Key Selling Activities
  • Pricing & Business Models: Are You Pricing Yourself Out of Business; Improving Profitability & Focus; Turning Reluctant Buyers into Long-Term Clients
  • Client & Project Management, Measuring & Reporting: Contracting Keys; Defining the Scope of Work; Avoiding Problems; Building Loyalty with Measurable Business Results; Expanding Client Relationships

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