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PPC Class Runs May 11 - June 15; Register By May 1 For Best Price

Is Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign a Profit Engine or a Money Pit?

Are you experiencing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as a drain on your budget instead of as a boost to your bottom line? If your pay-per-click campaigns aren�t earning you money, then you need to take another look at the way you are running them.

Paid search advertising is one of the hottest search marketing trends around today, but it�s also one of the most misunderstood. While it�s easy enough to get a campaign quickly up and running, few businesses fully understand how to setup, manage or leverage pay-per-click campaigns properly.

Get Up To Speed Fast In Our 6-Week PPC Campaign Clinic / Teleclass

jennifer laycock (6K)Led by Jennifer Laycock, editor-in-chief of Search Engine Guide and author of the Small Business Guide to Search Engine Marketing, this class will help you understand that successful pay-per-click advertising takes more than simply picking out some keywords and entering your credit card number.

Jennifer�s clients have included companies like Verizon and Highlights for Children. Her primary client now is a little girl named Elnora that happens to be her daughter. Her former clients' loss is your gain. Thanks to our innovative teleclass format, Jennifer is now available to teach you her secrets to PPC success.

So What's A Teleclass?

A teleclass is a "virtual classroom," using an online (web) meeting room and conference call to bring students and teachers together. Classes are held weekly with a group conference call and online presentation. These weekly sessions last 2 hours, consisting of a 60-90 minute lecture/presentation followed by question and answer time.

No travel is required, so you can stay at home and learn without the time and expense of traveling for in-person training. Class presentations are recorded with video and audio, and are available for download from our private support web site within 48 hours. If you miss a class, you can watch the video and attend one of our supplemental question & answer calls during the week, hosted by SEO coach Dan Thies.

In our experience, students learn more, and experience more success, with a slower pace. One class per week leaves you some time to digest what you've learned and begin putting it into practice. Compare this to in-person training, where the instructors attempt to cram all of the knowledge into your head in one or two days. We think you'll agree that our approach is better.

With teleclasses from SEO Research Labs, you are never left on your own to sort things out. In addition to the extensive question & answer time built into every class, you also receive a full year's access to our private support site and forums.

Learn The Keys to Profitable PPC Campaigns in Just Six Weeks:

  • Week One: Pay Per Click Overview
    We�ll start off with an overview of pay per click advertising, including a brief history and a bit of speculation on where things are headed. We�ll talk about why pay-per-click works and when pay-per-click might not be the best avenue for your spending. We�ll also explore the various pay-per-click engines, and discuss the "Number One Rule of Pay Per Click Advertising." Class time: Thursday May 11, 12pm-2pm Central
  • Week Two: Learning to Buy Customers Instead of Clicks
    One of the most common problems with pay-per-click campaigns is that site owners get focused on the traffic they are buying instead of on the customers they�re buying. In lesson two, we�ll explore how to shift your campaign so that it�s buying customers by focusing on keyword research, understanding the search buying cycle, broad and specific keyword strategies and the purposes of short and long term pay-per-click campaigns. Class time: Thursday May 18, 12pm-2pm Central
  • Week Three: Pay Per Click Should Make Money, Not Cost Money
    While many business owners see pay-per-click marketing as an expense, the reality is that a properly run pay-per-click campaign should be MAKING money, not costing it. Learn how to set an appropriate budget, how to form bid strategies, how to avoid bid wars, the warning signs of a campaign in danger and how to avoid the PPC ego trap. Class time: Thursday May 25, 12pm-2pm Central
  • Week Four: Writing Effective Ads and Landing Pages
    Learn how to overcome the challenge of selling your product with a handful of words. Writing pay-per-click ads isn�t easy, you�ll need to learn how to put forth a value proposition, pre-qualify visitors and still include your sales pitch. We�ll also explore the importance of a targeted landing page and look at common landing page problems. Class time: Thursday June 1, 12pm-2pm Central
  • Week Five: Tracking and Testing Your Campaigns
    Learn why you can�t afford NOT to analyze your campaigns. In this session, we�ll cover the importance of testing and tracking, we�ll examine some common tools that can help you out and we�ll explore both advanced forms of testing and the �poor man�s� alternatives. Class time: Thursday June 8, 12pm-2pm Central
  • Week Six: Advanced Targeting & Click Fraud Issues
    We�ll wrap up the series by taking a look at some more advanced targeting options like demographics, geo-targeting, day parting and even positional strategies based on eye tracking studies and conversion rates. We�ll also delve into the controversial issue of click fraud to explore what it is, how it happens and what you can do to avoid it. Class time: Thursday June 15, 12pm-2pm Central

Is this class right for you?

Are you ready to tackle your own pay-per-click campaign, but just need a helping hand? Do you feel that you are at a disadvantage against larger or more established competitors? Are your PPC campaigns losing money, or just barely profitable? Do you find it hard to understand what's going on?

If any of the above applies to you, then we hope you'll join us. If you have any questions about this class or aren't sure whether it's right for you, email Dan Thies at or call 214-550-1359 and let's talk about it.

How To Register - Space Is Limited, Sign Up Soon

Enter coupon redemption code launch at step 2 of checkout for $100 savings

The price for this class is $695 ($595 with coupon code) through May 1. Only 24 seats are available in this class. We recommend signing up early, as classes may fill up quickly.

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