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SEO Consulting Services

We offer a limited range of SEO consulting and support services for the general public - these include keyword research, web site reviews and recommendations via our consulting reports, and web based search engine optimization training classes.

Most of our other SEO consulting services are only available to SEO/SEM consultants and site designers, and are not offered to the general public. If you aren't a search engine optimization (SEO/SEM) consultant or site designer, we must apologize, but agreements with our outsourcing customers do not allow us to compete with them. We can, however, tell you where to find them.

If you need to hire an SEO consultant for your own (or your company's) website, we recommend the Organization of Search Engine Optimization Professionals (SEOPros). Their standards for membership are unparalleled in the industry, and their "RFP Generator" makes it easy to find the right consultant. If you plan to hire an SEO consultant, we recommend getting the basic keyword research done first.

Services For Site Designers

At SEO Research Labs, we believe that all site designers should be able to provide search engine marketing services to their clients. When it comes to building an optimized web page, designers are as capable as anyone else. When it comes to harmonizing optimization with design, they are frequently superior.

Design firms often lack the time and resources to conduct keyword research, competitive analysis, and make recommendations. That's where we come in. Let us do the keyword research, review your client's site, and make recommendations that you can implement.

The best time to contact us is now, before your clients ask you about search engine strategy.

Services For SEO/SEM Consultants

In addition to providing outsourced keyword research services and unique keyword metrics to assist you, the SEO Research Labs team, led by Dan Thies, is available to assist you with specialized research and consulting.

Some of the services we've provided to others in the industry include: geographic targeting assistance, development of targeted linking campaigns, analysis of server issues, and search term targeting/conversion studies.

Could we help you as well? When you're ready to talk, contact us to get the conversation started.

Business Development for SEO/SEM Consultants and Site Designers

SEO Research Labs president, Dan Thies, has been involved with Internet marketing and business development for a decade, with years of experience in consulting, face-to-face sales, and business process improvement.

Whether you could use a little help closing a major deal, or want to improve your long term strategy, why not contact us to discuss your business plans and goals. If we believe we can help, we'll offer a detailed proposal for your consideration.

We'd Like To Get To Know You

Even if you don't need our help, we'd like to hear about the services you offer, and how you do business. We frequently receive requests from folks looking for site design, search engine optimization, and marketing help. Once we get to know you, perhaps we can send a few of them your way!

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