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Outsourcing Solutions For Web Designers & SEO Consultants

If you want your search engine marketing efforts to bear fruit, you need to target the right keywords from the beginning. For web designers, this means delving into the arcane world of keyword research and hoping for the best. For professional SEO consultants, this means diverting valuable staff resources away from the demanding work of optimization.

If you want to offer world-class keyword research and competitive analysis to your clients, give us a try. We use multiple data services including Alexa, Google, and Wordtracker, combining them with our own private research to deliver our finished reports. You won't find any tools or services that can match what we provide, or deliver it all at such a low cost.

Why would anyone do their own keyword research, when SEO Research Labs can produce great results in just a few days? With our professional service, SEO consultants and web designers can qualify their prospects with a powerful (and profitable) lead product, and develop a winning proposal without taking time away from other critical tasks.

Focus Your Marketing, Win More Clients

Do you spend a lot of time answering emails and preparing proposals for people who have no real interest in buying? Why not offer a low-cost keyword report in response to these inquiries, and separate the "interested" from the "just looking?"

Keyword reports make an excellent "lead product" to help you identify the best prospects. Adding your own advice when you deliver the keyword report is a great way to establish your expertise with potential clients, and our flexible format is easy to integrate into your bids or proposals.

At SEO Research Labs, we are not in the web design or search engine optimization business. We will not try to "sell" your clients. Our reports are returned directly to you, so that you can add your own branding, and attach a detailed proposal or quote for your services.

Outsourced Keyword Research Reports - $89.95

(discounted pricing for web designers and SEO consultants only)

The SEO Research Labs team will perform a detailed analysis to identify the most popular and best targeted keywords for your client's site. This report will help keep your search engine optimization and pay-per-click marketing campaigns on track. This package is specially priced for web designers and SEO consultants, and includes:

  • Keyword Discovery Service - Minimum 200 Keywords / Search Terms
    These represent the major and minor search phrases that describe the products, services, or information available on your client's site. We use Wordtracker, along with other tools, and your detailed keyword discovery report will include all of the search terms we find. Our reports typically run to well over 500 search terms in total.

  • Keyword Metrics Report
    This report details the popularity of each keyword/search term. Our Microsoft Excel worksheet includes an easy calculator to help you identify the most relevant search terms. This will help you and your client to identify the best opportunities for quality traffic. Our "traffic calculator," based on extensive data mining and research, includes estimated click-through traffic for top ranked sites on Google, MSN, and Yahoo.
    Competition metrics are provided for the 100 most popular search terms in each report. This includes the top 10 bids on Overture (keyword bids are no longer available), link popularity for top ranked sites, and our own "KEI analysis" scoring based on the more accurate "keywords in title" and "keywords in anchor text" matches from Google's advanced search.

  • Brandable Reports
    Our outsourced keyword reports are delivered to you in standard Microsoft Office formats. You will receive a report of the top search terms and detailed keyword data in Microsoft Excel. You can leave our logo and branding in place, or remove them altogether. We also provide all data in Acrobat (PDF) format that you can share with your clients. If you have special formatting requirements, we will be happy to work with you.

  • You Can Drive, Or We'll Take It From Here
    We hold all incoming reports for 4 hours, to allow you time to send additional instructions. The more information you provide on the site, competitition, and strategy, the more effective our service will be. Paypal provides an area to send your comments, or you can email with any special instructions or requests. If you prefer to let us research the competition and market, we'll take that challenge with no complaints.

TIP: Many designers and consultants use our keyword reports as a "lead product," to help them identify qualified prospects. By delivering a quote or proposal for services with the finished keyword report, you can greatly increase the number of these customers who will become long-term clients.
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This special pricing is for website designers & SEO consultants only

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