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About Our Keyword Research & Analysis Reports

Our keyword analysis reports are delivered in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. For best results, we recommend working with them in Microsoft Excel or the freely available Calc spreadsheet application. We can also provide copies of all worksheets in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Our keyword research reports contain 5 major components, each designed for a specific purpose. Together, they provide a comprehensive set of keyword metrics to guide your search term selection (this page contains several images, and may take a minute or so to load):

1. Relevance & Weighted Popularity Worksheet - Interactive

This interactive worksheet allows you to fine-tune your keyword selection by adding the important concept of relevance to your search term analysis. A "weighted popularity" is automatically calculated, showing the estimated number of targeted searches per day on Google, MSN, and Yahoo search.

keyword relevance (18K)

Using your best judgement, assign a relevance value to each search term, with 100% for the most relevant keywords. Further instructions are provided with our usage guide. This worksheet comes pre-loaded with a value of "100%" for every search term, so its use is entirely optional.

All data on the popularity of search terms comes from Wordtracker, a trusted industry leader since 1999. We use Wordtracker every day, and rely on their database of nearly 400 million searches to provide the most accurate keyword data available.

2. Traffic Calculator Report - All Search Terms

This worksheet automatically calculates the estimated number of targeted visitors per day for top ranked sites on Google (G), MSN (M), and Yahoo (Y) search. The values shown are for the #1, #5, and #10 listings. Our estimated click-through rates are derived by analyzing hundreds of web server log files from many independent sources.

search engine traffic (17K)

Actual results will vary depending on many factors including the search term, the page title, and the snippet/description displayed in the search results. This report is best used to estimate the overall benefit of a successful SEO campaign.

3.Competing Sites & KEI Analysis Report - Top 100 Search Terms

Simply put, a keyword research report from SEO Research Labs provides the most accurate measure of the level of competition for your keywords. You could spend hours putting this data together by hand, but we've automated the process to make it available with every report.

The first step in optimizing a web page is adding keywords to the <TITLE> tag, so we show you how many pages use your keywords in the title. Second, we show the number of pages with the search term in both the title and incoming link text. Linking is part of any serious search engine strategy, and this gives the clearest possible picture of how much competition exists.

kei and competion (22K)

In addition, we calculate a Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) score for each search term, using these two important competition measurements. This helps you identify the best opportunities like never before.

Our reports also include the KEI analysis scores as generated by Wordtracker. Wordtracker's KEI score is based on the total number of matches for a given search phrase, which may dramatically overstate the amount of competition you face. We do not recommend relying on this score, we include it for the sake of comparison only.

4. Link Popularity Competition Report - Top 100 Search Terms

One of the most important factors in all search engine algorithms is the "link popularity" of competing web sites. This report shows the number of incoming links for the top 10 sites, as reported by Alexa. Note: counts are based on the number of unique websites linking, not total links, Alexa may not have linking data for all sites.

link popularity competition (23K)

Comparing these counts to your own site's current link popularity will give you a good idea of the effort needed to compete for top rankings. Quality links and effective use of link text can help you close the gap faster, but to outrank many sites, you must outlink them.

5. Pay-Per-Click Competition Report - Top 100 Search Terms (this data is no longer available)

As of February 5, 2007, the pay-per-click system on Yahoo no longer operates on a fixed bid for position basis. As part of Yahoo's transition to their new "Panama" system, they are no longer publishing bid data. We do not expect to locate another useful data source, because the vast majority advertisers do not want this data shared.

This report shows the top 10 bids on the Overture pay-per-click search engine. The level of competition for paid listings is a great indicator of current (or future) competition for search engine rankings.

pay-per-click competition (20K)

Bids are color-coded on your report - black for bids over 50 cents, blue for bids over 25 cents, green for bids over 10 cents, and red for any 10-cent (minimum) bids. With this report, you can quickly find opportunities to attract more targeted traffic through Overture and other pay-per-click services like Google's Adwords.

Keyword reports usually take 4-6 business days to complete. Our business days are Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, excluding U.S. Federal holidays. If you need more information, feel free to contact us or review the detailed description of our keyword research process.

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