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Do It Yourself SEO

Website owners, especially small businesses, fall into three categories. Some will want to hire a consultant to handle their search engine strategy. Some will try to do it all themselves. Many will simply throw their hands up in confusion, when faced with the daunting amount of contradictory advice on the subject.

Before You Hire Anyone, Educate Yourself

It's a mistake to hire a consultant without first developing a basic understanding of what they do. Read a book, browse through some discussion forums, do what you can to educate yourself. Our "SEO Fast Start" book is a nice introduction, and a quick read. It also comes with a money-back quarantee.

If you've already developed a basic understanding of SEO, take a look at our advice on hiring an SEO firm before taking the plunge.

Why Doing It All Yourself Is Risky

Thousands of people have downloaded our SEO Fast Start book. Thousands have successfully optimized their sites. Out of our experience in supporting these folks, we found one area where they consistently needed more help: keyword research and selection.

There are many tools and techniques involved in researching keywords, and that creates a huge challenge for the first-timer. SEO Research Labs was created as a response to this need, offering low-cost keyword research reports that let our customers jump start their SEO campaigns.

It's A Lot Simpler Than It Sounds

If you are uncertain about whether an SEO campaign is right for you, one of the best ways to find out is to take a shot at it. SEO Fast Start was written to help you get an SEO campaign going quickly, on your own. Pick a single search phrase, optimize just one page on your site, give it a couple months, and see how it goes. If you still feel like you need some hand-holding, you may want to join one of our "SEO Your Site" online training workshops.

If you have any questions, see our SEO Resources area, and of course feel free to contact us about anything we offer.

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