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Search Engine Optimization Fast Start - Free Download

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  • Introducing the 2024 edition of "Search Engine Optimization Fast Start" - a fast, simple, and effective system that targets your best customers and brings them to you for free.

    "Search engines send thousands of customers to your competitors every day - isn't it time you fought back?"

    Every day, search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN send millions of visitors to websites all over the world. If you aren't getting your fair share, don't feel bad - only a very small percentage of websites does. Here's the good news: no matter what business you're in, you can compete (and win) in the search engines.

    Hello, I'm Dan Thies, President of SEO Research Labs. Before you spend a dime hiring someone else to optimize your website for search engines, why not take a moment to consider how much you can accomplish on your own? You may decide to hire a professional at some point, because search engine optimization isn't for everyone, but after reading my book you will be far more informed about the process.

    Really, anyone who can edit their web pages and follow my step-by-step instructions can do their own search engine optimization.

    Let me repeat that - if you can edit your own web pages, you're halfway to becoming a search engine guru.

    It doesn't take a lot of time to learn this system. The more time you're willing to put into it, the better your results will be, but even a part-time webmaster can now tap into a steady stream of search engine referrals.

    Of course, it wasn't always this easy...

    The Search Engines Have Changed A Lot Since 1999!

    Over the past few years, the major search engines have made big changes. This has created a big problem for some, and a tremendous opportunity for all of us.

    • The Old Tricks Just Don't Work Any More!
      To put it in the simplest possible terms, the old methods of search engine optimization simply don't work like they used to. Much of the information that you find online is out of date, and more and more websites are finding that their rankings have dropped dramatically.
    • The Door Is Wide Open - If You Have The Right Key!
      According to recent studies, as many as 80% of internet users make their first contact with websites via a search engine. For those who understand how the new breed of search engines work, this represents a huge pool of potential customers.
    • Danger! Danger!
      Some of the tactics that used to work, and that some 'experts' still recommend, are downright dangerous. If you take the wrong advice, you could end up in hot water with the search engines - they can even permanently remove your entire site from their database.

    Click Here For Download Information

    To safely navigate these shark-filled waters,
    you need a map that's COMPLETELY up to date.

    seofscover.jpg (8K)

    "Search Engine Optimization Fast Start" is your step-by-step guide to winning with today's top search engines.

    Unlike many other books on the market, SEO Fast Start! is completely up to date with today's search engines. Just compiling the first edition required eleven months of intensive research and testing. The result is a search engine marketing system that lets you acquire more customers, with less effort.

    All this and more, in only 100 pages!

    I've got a softcover book in my libary about search engine positioning. It's over 400 pages long, and it still didn't tell me what to do! Our book wasn't written to provide an encyclopedic reference - you don't need that. It's designed to give website owners practical, step-by-step instructions that let us bring more traffic to our websites.

    Click Here For Download Information

    A Simple, Yet Complete Traffic Building System

    • Dominate The Competition!
      Search Engine Optimization Fast Start! teaches you to identify the keywords your customers use, and which ones your competitors use. Then my keyword analysis techniques will help you find the keywords your competition has missed. You'll get a steady stream of customers, while they beat each other up competing for the wrong keywords.
    • Don't Put Your Business At Risk!
      We don't use any "dirty tricks" designed to fool the search engines. These tricks are not necessary to achieve good results, and they can easily get your entire site banned from multiple search engines. Why would you put your business at risk, when our common-sense approach works so well?
    • Clear, Simple, Step By Step Instructions
      If you can edit your web pages, you have all the technical savvy you need to use this system. Every step is completely explained - not just what to do, but how and why. If major changes happen with the search engines, I'll be there, keeping you informed with regular updates and instructions.

    This Is No Ordinary E-Book!

    If you've ever downloaded an e-book before, you probably know that most of them are very hard to use. That's why I've taken special care to make sure this one is different.

    • Do You Prefer Paper?
      Most e-books are hard to read and were never intended for print. That's great if you like staring at a monitor all day, but not so great if you want to take it to the beach. Search Engine Optimization Fast Start uses the industry-standard Adobe Acrobat format, so you can read it on your computer screen, or print it out on almost any printer.
    • Works Almost Anywhere: Windows, Mac, Linux...
      Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software is available for all major operating systems. There are even versions available for PocketPC and Palm Pilot. (I don't know why you'd want to read a book on a PDA, but at least it's possible.)

    Register Now For Instant Access - It's Free!

    Just use the form at the bottom of this page to register for our mailing list. You get the Search Engine Optimization Fast Start e-book, along with weekly updates, free video training classes, and more. This simple, do-it-yourself system has been on the market since November 2024, and legions of satisfied customers are seeing outstanding results! Are you ready to join them? I know you can do it, because I've already seen so many people succeed!

    Windows, Linux, or Macintosh; Acrobat Reader (free from Adobe); Your Own Domain Name And Website

    P.S. SEO Fast Start now has its own web site! You can read more about the updated 2024 edition at the SEO Fast Start website.

    Register and Download SEO Fast Start Free

    To receive a free copy of our top-selling e-book, Search Engine Optimization Fast Start, join the SEO Fast Start mailing list! Weekly updates include articles, news, and free video training classes.


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