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Are you lost in a sea of search engine marketing information?

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  • If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice and information on search engines, you're not alone.

    In fact, information overload is not at all unusual in the SEO business. Sure, a lot of what you see and hear about search engines is just nonsense... but that's not the biggest problem you face.

    Even if you have nothing but 100% accurate information, you still have to figure out what to do with it. So what's the answer?

    You need more than information, you need direction!

    Hi, I'm Dan Thies, and I'd like to become your personal search engine marketing coach. I am the author of two popular books on search engine marketing, SEO Fast Start and the Search Engine Marketing Kit. I've been practicing, studying and teaching advanced search engine marketing strategy and tactics for more than a decade.

    When it comes to search engine marketing, I know my stuff... but it wasn't until I'd been at it for a few years that I learned something very important.

    I put together a small group coaching program back in 2024. We spent over 3 months together. I held regular training calls, loaded with advanced cutting-edge information. My presentations ran for 90 minutes or so, with about 30 minutes of question & answer time at the end. I also spent time on the phone with each student individually.

    When it was all over, I asked the group what parts of the training program had been the most valuable to them personally. The answer was the same from everyone: one-on-one coaching and "Q&A;" time were the most important.

    Didn't they get anything out of the classes? Sure they did, but they got a lot more of out of it when they had a chance to ask questions, work with their fellow students, and put it all together with one-on-one coaching.

    The real problem with most training programs isn't a lack of information, it's a lack of personal attention.

    The Solution: Personal Coaching From An Industry Expert

    When you join my coaching program, you'll get access to all of my knowledge on search engine marketing... and I've accumulated a lot of it over the years - and when necessary, I'll tap into my vast reserves of training video to help you out.

    But what's most important is that we'll spend a lot of time together, with two conference calls each month to answer your questions, and one-on-one phone calls every month. How much does it cost? Less than you might think... I'll explain shortly.

    We can cover a lot of ground in an hour... don't be surprised if we improve more your search engine rankings! Most students get advice in a lot of areas, including email marketing, usability, PPC campaigns, and improving their site's conversion rate. Let me give you an example...
    "Dan, you saved my a**! That hour we spent on the phone was great... since I implemented your suggestions, our click costs are down, our click-through rate is up, and conversions are up by 10-15%... thank you!"
    - Terry van Horne, CaSEM Technologies

    Terry's running some pretty big pay-per-click campaigns, and he's not new to search engine marketing. But right now, he's neck deep in "doing" search engine marketing these days, which means he's not spending much time studying. The time he spends has to be very productive.

    That's where I come in. I still do enough work to keep myself sharp, but most of my work day is spent doing three things: learning, teaching, and directing the research activity that makes SEO Research Labs such a fun place to work. When you work with me, you will reap the benefits.

    Many long time professionals have participated in my training programs, and they've all told me that they learned a lot. To be honest, I've learned a lot from them too.

    My students may think they're paying me to teach them what I already know, but what they're also doing is making sure that I never stop learning... we both benefit, because I can bring the latest information and discoveries to the table with every student.

    Three Month Introductory Special -
    Join today for just $1995 or 3 Payments of $745

    The cost for this exclusive one-on-one coaching program is one payment $1995 for the first 3 months (a 12% savings), or if you prefer, you can make 3 payments of $745 per month.

    During our first 3 months together, you'll receive:

    • Three small group Q&A; Calls - that's 1 per month, running up to 90 minutes, with a small group of no more than 18 participants. A chance for you to ask questios, learn and share.
    • Four private one-on-one consultation calls - that's three (3) 60 minute calls - 1 per month, with an additional 30 minute call the first month. This can be a phone call or web conference, scheduled in advance through my online booking system. (These sessions can be recorded at your request).

    I hope you'll be able to join us! In order to give each student enough of my time, I must strictly limit the number of people who can participate. If you have any questions I urge you to contact me ASAP - see the bottom of this page for more information.

    Space Is Currently Available - Join Now

    3 Months Coaching -
    1 Payment of $1995:

    Your Name
    Preferred Email Address

    3 Months Coaching -
    3 Payments of $745:

    Your Name
    Preferred Email Address

    P.S. Why three months? Well, three months is long enough for us to get a lot done, and really move the needle on your business - without committing either of us to a long term relationship. Some coaching clients continue to work with me on a monthly bases, and others have become long-term business partners. It's better for BOTH of us if we make sure you're getting great results before making a long term commitment.

    P.P.S. If you have questions, feel free to email me ( ). Due to existing commitments, I am not able to take questions directly by phone, but if you leave a phone number in your email, I will be happy to call you back as soon as I am available.

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