Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Adsense: What The Eye Tracks Gets Clicked?

Marketing Sherpa published a very interesting little book called the Ecommerce Benchmark Guide 2006 that contains some interesting information on eye-tracking studies. One of the nice little tidbits contained therein is a study showing that people's eyes are drawn to images, especially images of people's faces.

Not surprising perhaps, but it might be useful. If anyone would like to have some fun with a little test, try putting a picture of your own grinning mug next to an Adsense ad banner or something, as I've done with the page header on this blog - see my face next to the ad up there?

I'd like to hear comments from those who give it a try. Ken Giddens showed me last summer just how much better his Adsense banners did with images aligned above them (as seen at

Quick tip o' the hat to Ralph Wilson and his Web Marketing Today newsletter for the info on this useful report from MarketingSherpa. Ralph has been putting out that newsletter since you were in short pants, buster, so give him some love.


At 4:56 PM, Freelance writer said...

One of the most effective adsense placing I saw incorporated small thumbnails (realted to the content and ads) next to the ads. It gives the impression that the links are more than ads. Even I was fooled into clicking!

I've always been really interested in eye-track research ... will be interested to see what effect the picture has. Keep us posted!


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