Monday, June 26, 2006

Marketing: Go Get An Action Plan

Found a great website this morning, via a post by Chris Allen in the LED Digest. Robert Middleton's Action Plan Marketing is primarily focused at service professionals, but a lot of the information in his free samples would be useful for anyone.

I'm looking forward to receiving Robert's newsletter, and the fact that I didn't get an issue as soon as I subscribed reminds me of yet another item that's on my own "to do" list.

Chris Allen's website, BTW, is A little link love is due.


At 8:11 PM, miketheinternetguy said...

I went through most of the free stuff on that website and I agree it is very helpful. I am getting ready to buy the book and I'll post here once I have gone through it

At 9:50 PM, Dan Thies said...

Thanks, Mike, we'd all like to hear your feedback on the book.

At 5:18 PM, Elge said...

I first heard of Robert Middleton about 5 years ago and attended a two day workshop of his that profoundly affected the way I work with my eMarketing clients. The #1 thing I learned was to tell your potential customers how you can solve their problem instead of focusing on what you do. It's a subtle but profound shift in how most people approach writing their website, newsletter, etc. I bought his book way back when and still refer to it from time to time. It was some of the best money I ever spent on my business. (Except the money I spent working with Dan of course!)

At 7:08 AM, Jonathan said...

I bought Robert Middleton's InfoGuru book, on Torka's recommendation. It was worth the price.

Much of the advice was stuff I already knew, but there's a value in reinforcement, clarity and organization. Middleton's tactics have helped shorten my selling cycle, and increased my profitability.


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