Wednesday, August 30, 2006

SEO & e-Business: New (free) Video

Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon are getting ready to launch the new version of their "Stomping the Search Engines" course, which has generated a little excitement around the world of the web already. The official launch date isn't until late in September, but they're releasing some stuff now, including a free online video.

I'm still waiting for my box of DVDs to arrive so I will have a more in-depth review of the material before it's launched. I get to see this stuff in advance, 'cause I am such an important and influential blogger.

At this point, I do know that a small part of what they're putting into the package is the video recording from a 2-day "Boot Camp" I participated in last summer, along with folks like Adwords expert Perry Marshall.

I don't have information on pricing at this point, but I do know it will be a fairly intensive, year-long coaching & business development program, not solely focused on SEO. I also know that I will be participating in some of the live training as part of the program.

Anyway, you can get a look at the first teaser video at and get on the mailing list for further updates by following the link at the bottom of the video page.


At 7:07 PM, ShandyKing said...

Excellent, can't wait to see it!

At 6:32 AM, systematicSEO said...


Can you let us all know what you think of those DVDs? I think it a scam



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