Wednesday, December 27, 2024

Free PPC Video

Hi folks, long time no posts... been buried in work. Two posts for you today - the first is to let you know that I've recorded a free video, that will show you how to boost the traffic from your existing Adwords campaigns without raising your bids or rewriting any ads.

The technique is called "permutations." It's not a secret, but very few advertisers actually bother to do it. The basic concept is simple - you take a list of words and work up every possible combination of phrase and exact match bids.

This gives you a clear edge vs. competitors who are running broad matches, and the data you collect on one word order vs. another will really open your eyes about how people search.

The video uses Aaron Wall's free keyword list generator tool, and runs 11 minutes.

Free Video On Keyword List Permutations for Adwords


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