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Q&A; - Dan, What The Heck Is StomperNet?

This will be the first in a series of posts...

I've had a lot of questions about "my new venture." I want to start of by letting you know that it's not my new venture... there are a lot of people involved at this point.

So, what the heck is it?

StomperNet Is:
  • A private membership coaching program
  • A members-only website / portal
  • A year long program, with continuing membership beyond that
  • Free in-person seminars for members, featuring some of the best, most advanced content
  • A support system for entrepreneurs from beginner to advanced
  • A place to learn from the best in the business
  • A chance to learn and grow your online business
StomperNet is NOT:
  • A get-rich-quick scheme, "system," multi-level marketing, or any of that
  • An "information product"
  • A scam
  • A joke
When you join Stompernet, you're joining a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, thinkers, and top-flight instructors.

So, what do you get when you join?

The first thing you get is a "box set" of 15 DVDs called the "Business Brain Transplant." The purpose is to give you the basic knowledge and a common language that will enable you to successfully participate as a student.

But even before that big box arrives, you'll have access to the Stompernet portal. Within that portal, behind those closed doors, experts on SEO, PPC, conversion, email marketing, Adsense, blogging, and many other subjects are communicating, networking, and learning from each other via:
  • Our private discussion forums
  • Through our individual "Stomper Blogs"
  • An active classified ad "marketplace"
  • Audio and video recordings, constantly updated
  • The best in-person trainings (4 events per year) I have ever seen
Just a few days ago, we were having a discussion inside the forums on site structure and the pros and cons of Michael Campbell's "mininet" strategies. With me in that discussion? Leslie Rohde, the expert in dynamic linking strategies... and I just found out yesterday that Michael Campbell himself will be joining us soon.

It wasn't too long ago that I would have paid good money to be a "fly on the wall" in that discussion, but now I can dive into it and contribute my own research on the subject, as can all of the other members of Stompernet. They can contribute, ask questions, and get real answers from real experts.

The true experts in every field will agree on some things, and disagree on others. Inside the Stompernet portal, we're having these kinds of conversations all the time, and getting closer to the truth every day. Instead of hearing one "guru" or another give you their best guess on your typical forum, you get a lot of perspectives, and a whole lot better information.

Every day, members share their successes and failures with each other - you learn from everyone else, and everyone else gains from your experiences. In Stompernet, you aren't trying to figure it all out alone.

And that's just what's happening on the forum. The first live seminar took place in Atlanta, GA, over the course of 3 days in November 2024. I walked in expecting to have some fun, meet some people, teach some people (I gave two 75-minute presentations on advanced topics in Adwords and SEO), and of course, yawn through a bunch of sales pitches.

But guess what? There *are* no sales pitches at a Stomper seminar. Why? Because everyone there is a member, and they've already paid to get access to the best information we can give them. As a teacher, these events are very liberating - not only do I get to spend plenty of time on each subject, I get to speak to a group of people who are ready to learn and take action.

(Can you tell I'm excited?)

I'm not just excited for myself, though. I am excited for you, because you will have a chance to join us this Thursday, January 4th.

You're probably wondering how much this all costs... as well you should. It's a bit more than the $495 a month you'd pay for my (now-unavailable) private coaching program. I'll explain more in my next post.

(Click to see a real-life case study and get on our advance-notification mailing list for this limited-time opening)


At 10:51 AM, Blogger Bryan said...

Hi Dan,

I just spent the weekend at Stompernet Live - Atlanta, and I'm starting to get an idea of what this thing is all about.


At 10:07 AM, Blogger Chris Stirling said...

Dan - this post is a bit old but I just saw it today and had to comment.

I have been in Stompernet since the October launch and have to say I have never made a better decision in my online career than I did when I joined Stompernet.

It is awesome!

Thank you for all the help you have given me inside the Stomper Portal.

Chris Stirling


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