Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Q&A; - Okay, How Much?

I'm no good at drama, so I'll just level with you. It's $797 per month, for a year-long program.

Now, that might sound like a lot to some of you, and it is a lot to ask for, "site unseen." (Pun intended).

But you aren't going into this without a guarantee. I'm not sure what the exact details will be this time around (we're still haggling over dates). (Update: There will be a 30-day guarantee this time around...) - time to:
  • Watch the "brain transplant DVDs"
  • Pick the brains of experts and fellow students in the portal
  • Download and watch countless hours of fresh content
  • Work with Brad Fallon and Frank Kern in the "fast track" program for beginners
  • Launch a business or work on an existing business
And after that 30 days, you will still have a chance to say, "no thanks, it's just not for me," and get all of your money back.

So, what happened the last time? A few folks did decide to drop out, and that was the right decision for them. If you find out that you don't have the time or motivation to make the most out of it, then I hope you'll have the good sense to quit before the guarantee expires.

I honestly don't know how much more risk-free they can make it for us...

Among those who stayed (some 1500 members strong), we had some remarkable success stories. From people who managed to get a new business off the ground and start making the $26.20 a day it takes to "afford" Stompernet, to some really fantastic successes, people making thousands of dollars a month starting from zero.

That's really what you need to look at - twenty-seven bucks a day. If you had the right kind of coaching, access to a faculty representing the best minds in their fields, a place to go when you can't decide which way to go, where you can hear from people who have "been there and done that," think about it...

How much more could you make, if you had that kind of support?

Whether it's an existing business, a new venture, or your first crack at getting away from the world of "real jobs," how much of a chance do you have if you're going it alone, compared to working with a group like this?
In fact, some members have found that they can make more than $30 a day just by helping other Stompers - with web design, copywriting, software, and other services.
Just last week, a member posted a great story - he had developed some software to help solve a common SEO problem, posted an ad in the Stomper marketplace, and was earning more than $30 a day by helping others succeed.

(Can you tell that I am enjoying this?)

Is StomperNet for you? I don't know, but I'd be happy to discuss it with you. You can email me, questions (at) seoresearchlabs.com and I'll be happy to answer your questions. If you'd like to discuss it by phone, make sure you include a number where I can reach you.

In my next post, I'll tell you about the really cool part of this whole thing.


At 2:04 PM, Bockereyer said...

Hi Dan,

For $26.20 a day a can lease a Mercedes. A great car but still I can't afford it.

I'm sure Stompernet is a magnificent product. Maybe I can sign up in a next lifetime when I'm reincarnated as internet millionaire.

I hope we still receive some great SEO tips in the future.


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