Tuesday, January 02, 2023

Club Dan: The Insiders Inside

One of the hardest parts for me about moving inside of Stompernet, to be honest, was "ego adjustment." When you get a bunch of experts together, we don't always agree. When I had my own little coaching program, I didn't have to deal with someone else trying to teach my students something different.

Whether my students were really better off that way, well, in my opinion they were. We discussed alternative approaches, and I'm certainly willing to change my mind...

But now that I am part of something bigger, sometimes I can't have the final say.

There are more than a few (very capable) "black hat" SEO practitioners in Stompernet - and although we've all agreed to check our hats at the door, there's nothing stopping any of us from expressing our opinions, except for forum rules to keep the discussions civil.

It's nice, the members decide... let the best ideas win. In the long run, we're better off that way, because it forces us to be intellectually honest.

One of the cool things about Stompernet, and for me the coolest thing, is that we can actually form our own little groups within the group.

As I write this, Stomper developers are putting the finishing touches on a new piece of software for the Stompernet portal, which will facilitate this kind of group activity.

Groups will form around common interests, geography (I plan to be active with the local Stompers), or whatever else the members like.

To get back a little of what I've lost by giving up my training business, I will be starting a little something called "Club Dan" - my own little private club, made up of those folks who have joined Stompernet with me.

It will be a place where I can let my hair down, and tell you what I "really think" about the latest information being shared by my fellow experts, the latest changes at the search engines, and whatever else is going on.

Of course, I will also be holding a few private conference calls and doing some other things to keep it fun for the members... as if hearing me rant and rave about Frank Kern's goofy surfer haircut (or lack thereof) isn't fun enough.
If you'd like to be a part of "Club Dan," just email questions(at)seoresearchlabs.com to let me know. I'll make sure you understand exactly what to do on Thursday to secure your spot.
(Do you understand why I am so worked up about this?)

Anyway, there are plenty of other things that I'd like to tell you about Stompernet... but it's better to let them explain a few things themselves. Watch this space, or click here to join the advance-notice mailing list.


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